Email Threading

February 2023 | AI Insights

It's time to look at artificial intelligence from a different point of view. Our "AI Insights" are here to breakdown the taboo surrounding technology, and specifically AI.

Survival of the fittest

Most of us have been around since the paper days of discovery, we are firsthand witnesses to the eDiscovery evolution that displaced those who were unable to adapt. Our industry is the perfect example of survival of the fittest and artificial intelligence is the next test of who will evolve and who will go extinct.

Funny thing with AI is, it's already a part of our daily operations. Practices like email threading are old news; and yet, we still come across clients who are unaware or apprehensive to utilize it.

Email threading tells a story

In short, email threading grabs the one most inclusive email of a chain and allows that “book” to be reviewed in its entirety. By accessing the entire conversation at once the reviewers can read the “book” cover to cover, getting a full understanding of the story. Without this technology, reviewers would review emails individually and out of order, forcing them to have to piece the “chapters” together themselves. Email threading technology is so sophisticated that it can also track spin-off conversations too, seeing when a message was forwarded and to who. Simply put, email threading is a way to organize the data to tell a better story.

It’s standard practice

Email threading is no longer something to be decided on but rather something to accept. It is standard practice within the PLUSnxt operations because it wins every time. It doesn’t make any decisions or delete any data. Rather it helps reduce spend by improving the quality of review, improving the consistency of review, and promotes a quicker pace while navigating through large data volumes.

The push towards AI is happening whether we like it or not and at PLUS we choose to adapt to not only survive, but to thrive within the eDiscovery evolution taking place.

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