Aren't you tired of the same solutions to unique eDiscovery problems?

So are we. We don't believe eDiscovery solutions are a one size fits all. We believe every client deserves thoughtfulness and attentiveness when working through the obstacles of eDiscovery. By listening to their needs, we are creating new solutions for our clients that alleviates their day-to-day issues as it relates to their litigation profile.


Our Strategy


With a client first mentality, we comprised our team of players who believe that mindful client support is the difference needed for a successful EDRM process. The PLUS team has come together to change the way litigation service providers do business by ditching the "cookie-cutter" solutions and personalizing your eDiscovery experience.


As RelativityOne partners, our platform can support as many projects as necessary, while still being flexible enough to pivot when necessary. The combination of our team and technology allows us to change with the times and work proactively to create solutions for our clients.

RelativityOne Screen Shot of Document Review

We assist in the following:

  • ECA and Analytics Strategy
  • Technology Assisted and Prioritized Review
  • Secure Remote Review
  • Corporate technology
  • Legal Hold, Trace, Data Warehouse
  • Case strategy support and trial prep
  • Native File Redaction
  • Remote and self-service defensible collection

Our Mission


Creating reliable relationships that are focused on the specific needs of our clients


Adapting with technological advancements to offer our clients the best solutions


Curating a sense of openness where both PLUS and our clients are mutually benefiting