Corporate Technology

Partner with the PLUSnxt experts throughout the entire discovery management lifecycle

PLUS provides a beginning-to-end discovery solution for corporate legal departments. Our technology stack helps streamline and optimize the way your legal department works by alleviating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  By connecting these tools together with our experienced professionals, legal teams will be able to drive cross-functional collaboration through streamlined processes and enhanced data visibility.  The end result is that corporations are able to stretch their litigation budgets by getting more done with less cost.  PLUS helps to resolve complex enterprise challenges with simple yet powerful solutions.

Legal Hold

Legal Holds are issued as a result of a pending or reasonably anticipated litigation, audit, government investigation or other such matters to avoid evidence spoliation. PLUS enables you to track every legal hold action – from hold notice to release – in one central cloud-based location while making it simple for your team to connect and go.

PLUS Legal Hold provides an easy workflow to assist individuals responsible for managing litigation holds and auditing compliance. Integration with human resource information, asset tracking and matter management systems coupled with an intuitive interface make it easy to assess litigation risk and track all key data in a single place.

PLUS Preservation Hold protects and secures electronically stored information (ESI) from accidental deletion prior to collection. A Preservation Hold preserves files and emails in a custodian's Microsoft 365 account (OneDrive and Exchange) as well as any files in a custodian's Sharepoint. Preservation Holds are transparent to custodians. Using close integration with leading email, collaboration, and archiving applications it suspends deletion policies and prevents manual deletion of data stored on native data sources. Streamlined and automated workflows means that any team—legal, IT, or HR— can improve compliance and reduce time spent managing legal holds by up to 50%.

Key Benefits of Legal Hold are:

  • Mitigation of data loss risk
  • Integration of custodian lists with internal systems
  • Facilitation of the interview process
  • Customization of repeatable workflows


PLUS provides Relativity Trace to assist businesses operating in highly regulated industries proactively monitor all forms of internal communications. Fully integrated machine learning proactively flags high-risk content for additional review. Our system helps compliance officials detect and act upon suspicious activity and extremely high-risk scenarios such as insider trading, market manipulation, bribery and corruption, supplier kickbacks and other misconduct.

Leverage pre-made surveillance policies or build your own lexicon to detect any type of misconduct or any criteria that is a regulatory compliance violation. Trace and RelativityOne combine into one powerful solution for proactive compliance monitoring and investigations, allowing seamless workflow from alert to investigation. When an alert escalates, an inquiry within Trace can be opened to pull all your communications into one comprehensive case. Move that inquiry into your discovery workspace without ever leaving the system.

Relativity Trace is also compatible with Azure Information Protection (AIP), an added security encryption layer offered by Microsoft to provide users better control over how they protect sensitive data. AIP allows users to set up rules around which data is protected and which customer-controlled keys encrypt that data.


The PLUS Data Warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from one or more disparate sources frequently involved in litigation. The data corpus is organized, catalogued and made available for case teams and other business professionals for data mining, online analytical processing and decision support.  PLUS enables organization to cull data and not promote unnecessary data to review. Analyzing and recalling coding decisions and privilege designations from previous work on new cases saves time and increases intelligence to make informed decisions. Additionally, analytics models from previous cases can identify potentially relevant documents quicker while excluding documents with no relevance to the case.Coding and tagging decisions made by review attorneys on active cases are associated to documents, which are then transferred to the PLUS Data Warehouse where they are maintained and recycled for future matters. We alleviate the need for additional collections on matters pertaining to the same data and custodian(s). Whenever you are preparing for litigation, you can move quickly through the entire process, all in RelativityOne.  Everything you need is right there.