Be Adaptable, No Project EVER Goes as Planned

February 2023 | Fusion Tips

The difference between a stressful review project and a smooth one is the ability to pivot

It can be rough when something doesn’t go as planned, it goes against everything that a lawyer is. Structures, systems, and precedence preferred, but when it comes to document review, most of the time all bets are off.

It’s no one’s fault per se, it’s the data. Once pandora's box is opened there is no telling exactly what story will come spilling out. A client can warn you and give you their story ahead of time, but that’s the problem, it’s only their story from their perspective. Once the data’s story augments the storyline it usually requires going back to the drawing board, throwing out certain arguments or theories, and re-strategizing. That is where an experienced review team comes in, they can help you prepare for success at all stages.

Ways to Prepare

Plan to meet with the team within that first week
And if it’s a big project plan to meet a couple times. The idea is to check back in to ensure we are all on the same page. We will discuss what’s been found within the data thus far to give more substance to the case team as they continue to sculpt their strategy and arguments.  

Re-evaluate whether to use technology
This can be as simple as rearranging batches by date instead of by custodian because that’s going to be better for the story or using AI to cull out documents that are irrelevant. Depending on what the data presents, readjusting with the help of technology can not only aid the review but can also help with case strategy such as moving, or not moving, forward with motions.

Don’t be married to your preemptive plan
It’s not that the plan is bad, it just may not be applicable. Sometimes things look better on paper than in real life and it’s ok to readjust. Those who claim, “But this how we’ve always done it…” will without a doubt have a more stressful project than those prepared to adjust.

Don’t worry we have your back

Being adaptable can be the difference between a stressful review project and a smooth one. Of course, you need to have a game plan, but it needs to adaptable enough to pivot when necessary. What we ask of our clients is to trust that we have your best interest at heart.

Our team within our Fusion department are experts. They have been practicing law and  reviewing documents for years and meet our high standards to join our teams. Our team of highly talented reviewers stick with us for years because of the time we’ve taken to create a healthy and respectful environment where they thrive together as a team. PLUS reviewers work on one project at a time so they can submerge themselves within the case. Trust our team to do their jobs so that you can focus on building a case and representing your client.

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