Establishing Clear Expectations during Review

March 2024 | Fusion Tips

Review can be unpredictable, understanding what to expect from the process itself and your chosen vendor is vital for the start of any review project. The interaction between the review vendor and the client should be straightforward: The client engages the vendor to assist in carrying out the review by utilizing the services of the vendor's employed reviewers.

It's important to recognize that these reviewers are employees of the vendor and are not directly contracted by you, the client. This awareness helps establish clear expectations among all parties involved in the process.

Understanding the Parameters of Being a Reviewer

Reviewers are truly one of a kind when it comes to the legal landscape. Essentially, they are lawyers who sought a less conventional attorney lifestyle. The role of a reviewer offers the advantage of a flexible work schedule while retaining the status of a barred attorney.

Within our Fusion department we ensure that all our reviewers possess years of experience, have a legal background, and a track record in the field of review. They complete their 40 hours work week with a schedule that they can control and because our team has been with us for years, this allows for a high level of trust and reliability.  

Trust Your Vendor’s Judgement

Navigating a post-COVID world has taught us the importance of being prepared for any circumstance. Due to the unpredictable nature of both review and life, our Fusion leadership prefers to over staff. This accounts for emergencies, vacations, illness, etc. and will ensure you project stays on track.

Some clients think that having an extra set of hands will cost them more, but that just isn’t the case, especially since user fees are no longer applicable. The hours required on a project are the hours regardless of who does them. Plus, having an additional pair of hands becomes even more advantageous when the data inevitably balloons.

Best Way to Look at the Situation

With Fusion we encourage our clients to look at review as a whole, not as individual reviewers. We QC each reviewer’s work to ensure they meet PLUS’ standards. Should any issues arise with a specific reviewer, we encourage clients to bring it to the attention of theFusion leadership, who will take appropriate action with said reviewer.Ultimately, we seek our clients' trust in our decisions with our reviewers and the review process itself.

Help Us Help You

In addition, there are steps the client can take as well to enhance the smooth execution of a review project. It's advisable to inform your review vendor about any tight deadlines necessitating work outside standard hours, which shouldn't be an issue with advance notice. This is where the advantage of a reviewer's flexible work schedule can becomes invaluable.

Furthermore, informing your vendor about specific details at the project’s start, such as a financially complex case, enables them to select reviewers with relevant backgrounds.Providing an upfront criteria list works wonders in maintaining the project’s smooth operation.

 We hope that offers some clarity in working with our Fusion team and provides some insight into the review process in general, and remember, unpredictability couples well with the flexibility of reviewers

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