Just Received Opposing Productions? We can Help.

May 2023 | Fusion Tips

So, you finished producing documents and now you can finally rest, right? Wrong. With opposing productions arriving, your team’s attention will now need to turn there…But does it need to?

Most clients overlook that the best people to take on the opposing review is the document review team themselves. This group just spent countless hours reviewing the data and by the end, know the details and the documents forwards and backwards. By jumping into opposing right after the initial review, the opposing production is simply adding information to an already established story that is fresh in the reviewers’ minds.  

The Review Team Saves Time and Money 

Having the initial review team members review opposing data can be a real time saver too. When you first jump into opposing you quickly realize it’s a bunch of data that once again needs to be pared down. It’s finding the most relevant documents of the responsive information. Without question the review team will be the fastest to get this done. They know the content, storyline, data, and hot docs. Therefore, they can save time and money for the end client while best organizing the case strategy.  

Hosting the Data Streamlines the Process 

If PLUS is hosting the data, then the data will stay all in one place and we can look into options, such as near dupe, for the opposing production. Utilizing technology can aid in narrowing down the documents and the scope. With this support there’s no need to rework the documents and our team can help your case team continue to move the story and overall strategy forward.  

Tackling Imaging 

Another thing to note, if our Fusion team receives the production in a PDF or image-based format then it will take longer to filter through this data. Without access to the tools we need, i.e. highlighting, we will have to rely on work arounds which unavoidably take more time. Using a team familiar with the case will help streamline and get to the nuts and bolts of the information that is needed. 

Extra Layer of Protection 

An added bonus is the extra layer of protection from filtering the opposing documents through the Fusion team, especially in a highly contentious case. Sometimes documents go out the door and something gets inadvertently produced. Frequently when receiving opposing documents, a document in the opposing that is a candidate for a claw back can be highly likely. With a review team in place, it will help by flagging any privileged or confidential documents that slipped through. Our reviews can act as a filter between your case team and the opposing side.  

Ultimately our goal is to help your case team be as efficient as possible from processing to production and beyond. Whether our Fusion department handles your review or not we are still here to aide in any opposing support you may need.

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