5 Ways Firms Benefit From Outsourcing Document Review

April 2022 | Managed Review Tips

A Managed Review team offers support where the case team needs it

Too Many Things to Do

With most law firms handling multiple cases at once, it becomes cumbersome to deal with document review when the case team’s attention is needed elsewhere. Not only can a Managed Review team remove this burden, but they keep the review process moving forward when other pressing matters require attention.

Document Review is a Specialized Skill

Although all lawyers can engage in document review, this doesn’t mean they necessarily should. Because the Managed Review team is focusing on one case at a time, they are able to find the nuances within the data and follow the storyline. Document reviewers are specially trained to hone-in on the data and offer consistent review. This consistency allows them to hyper focus on details allowing the case team to focus on strategy and case theory.

Technology Forward

Another undeniable benefit is utilizing technology, specifically Active Learning. With data continuing to grow, reviewers are now being presented with an overwhelming amount of data, even after the discovery process. Specialized review attorneys take a streamlined approach, in lieu of doc-by-doc review, further culling the data and identifying patterns and trends with the help of TAR and CAL.

Thorough Review Process

Some data may be relevant, but that doesn’t mean it’s responsive. A Managed Review team can be essential in making sure that responsive data is produced without giving away unnecessary information to the opposing team. Reviewers can assist in categorizing documents and providing insights into the data since they are exposed to such a broad range of data. Document reviewers are trained in redactions for privilege, confidentiality, and strategic reasons.

Privilege Log Creation

Creating a Privilege Log is part of the eDiscovery production process. Using the Managed Review team to create your privilege log can be beneficial, as they have intimate knowledge of the data. Technology is a great way to help kickstart the process and get the privilege log started. The Manage Review team then jumps back in to QC, log, and finalize the privilege log allowing law firms to focus on case strategy.

Review is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Regardless of what your team needs, PLUSnxt can provide support with a team of talented reviewers ready to help where needed.

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