How to Pick a Vendor with Quality Reviewers

July 2022 | Managed Review Tips

Why you should pick a team with quality reviewers and how to tell

The shift in review quality usually happens during times of growth. Company A purchases Company B and experienced reviewers are thrown back into the auto-bot world of clicking documents within the newly “systematized” environment, focused on quantity instead of quality review. The problem here? These reviewers feel stifled, not allowed to utilize the knowledge and skills they’ve gained over the years, resulting in high turnover rates - ultimately effecting the clients and their costs.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A large roster of reviewers has its benefits, but many times bigger isn’t necessarily better. The quality of reviewers lies in their longevity within the company. The longer a reviewer is with a company the better their camaraderie is with the team, and the better their knowledge is of the workflows. They are allowed to lead in their own way and have a voice when it comes to the best way to get the job done. These are the reviewers that give you the best product.

Why This Matters

Better Quality: When review work is done with skill and precision, there is no need to redo the work, saving the client time and money.

More Efficient: Having skilled reviewers means they can take advantage of the tools being provided to them, both in teammates and technology.

Less Stress: When a review team is knowledgeable, they can easily understand what it is the client needs alleviating the stress of said client.

More Knowledge: When a veteran reviewer knows how to utilize the tech and has a clear understanding of the workflows, it allows them the space to do what they do best, review. This results in a better understanding of the data and the storyline within.

How to Tell There’s Quality Reviewers

Are They Team Centric or Individually Focused: The tell-tale sign of this is if they have Team Managers that aren’t new to the provider. You are looking for a review team with consistent team leads and consistent managers, not just new individuals or individuals that are one-time managers on projects.

Are They Utilizing Technology: The team will know the workflows without needing training; TAR and CAL will already be a part of their environment. Technology centric is where the market is headed, and skilled reviewers are already trained to use it.

It Won’t Be the Cheapest Option: If looking for the cheapest option then beware that that will mean getting lesser quality reviewers, who are new to the game, or churn through projects/providers. This could cost more overall due to the lack of efficiency. Simply put, you get what you pay for.

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