The Do’s and Don’ts at the Start of a Review Project (Case Team POV)

September 2022 | Managed Review Tips

As a case team there are best practices to starting a review project

It’s time for review, the protocol is ready the kickoff meeting is set, and your case team is feeling good. Nevertheless, following the kickoff meeting we continue to see clients’ panic as the review process takes time to get rolling. Our advice: DON’T PANIC.

As the review team starts into the documents, they get a high-level summary of what the case is about; but imagine picking up a book and starting at page 45 or 250, it’s going to take some time to piece the story together and figure out the plot. As review gets going here are some do’s and don’ts to starting a new project.


Panic over the speed of review
Day 1-2 are spent trying to figure out who the main players are, how they speak, what’s happening, and what are the acronyms being used. If it’s a first-time client, then it’s going to take some time learning the internal processes. So again, don’t panic, the first few days are for the reviewers to acclimate and find their groove.  

Panic over inaccuracy of review
Oh my gosh, these are all wrong!” Great, review teams need that feedback in order to get it right. The more complex a case is the longer it takes to find the nuances and the more feedback is needed. As outsiders, reviewers need to learn the case and learn the culture in which the case team does things. By day three review teams usually find their rhythm.  A smart review team will factor in time to go back following the first day and after clarification/calibration sets so that the project stays on track.

Panic over budget
Because it takes a couple days to pick up speed the budget goals start looking unrealistic. But again, as the reviewers get faster the numbers will go down. As the days continue the costs will balance back out to the predicted amount.


Give us all the info upfront (acronyms and all)
To help speed up the review process, write a protocol with as much detail as possible. Provide example documents up front so the review team can have better direction when starting. Providing an acronym key is another detail that gets overlooked often but can help reviewers find their flow faster.

Have attorney list ready
If the team has the attorney list at the beginning of the project, reviewers can mark priv material right away instead of having to go back later. Thus, saving time and costs for the case team.

Be available for questions
During those first two days the review team will be working to get a grip on the case and will have clarifying questions needing answers. If the POC on the case team is in back-to-back meetings or out of office, then it will take longer for the review team to familiarize with the needs of the case team. Be available or have someone on standby, and make sure to explain the preferred method of communication (texts, email, calls, etc.)

NXT Level Review

At PLUSnxt we handle review in a way unique to our standards to help keep our clients’ projects efficient. We keep an open line of communication between our reviewers so there is constant support amongst our team while piecing together the story. This team mentality keeps our reviewers feeling engaged and supported.

Our continued focus is producing a high-quality product. Therefore, we QC our reviewers work from the beginning to ensure that we are in-line with what the needs are. If the outcome is missing the mark, we readjust to prevent sloppy work and save time on the backend.

We prefer to keep the client in the loop. We utilize technology in a way that our client can check-in on the specifics of their project progression whenever they’d like. Because of this transparency it is easy to see when reviewers work habits don’t fit the needs of our client. We will help our reviewers grow with coaching and training but remain unwavering in our high review standards.  Our review team at PLUS is focused on taking review to the NXT LEVEL, reach out to our team today to #LevelUp.

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