Variations in Document Review Support

May 2022 | Managed Review Tips

Different teams and different projects require diverse support from a Managed Review team

When case teams decide they need outside support to conduct document reviews their needs usually put them into one of three categories:

Total Support

In this instance, the case team is looking to outsource the entire review process. This can be due to a lack of resources, short deadlines, or a heavy workload. Outsourcing is a perfect option if the case team needs to focus their time and energy on strategy and case theory. Total review support allows law firms handling multiple cases at once to keep the review process moving forward when their attention is needed elsewhere.

Extension of the Team

As an extension of the case team the sourced reviewers and case team no longer work as individual teams but rather as one super team that works in a coordinated fashion. This means there is constant communication between ALL reviewers. The sourced reviewer team will join weekly meetings and introduce different workflows and technology while providing feedback and information on what they are finding in the documents to help move the review process along. This is a great option for those teams who want to stay involved to learn the story within the data.


Then there’s the hybrid approach. A hybrid is usually needed when dealing with a behemoth of data, such as a second request, where large amounts of data will need to be produced. This strategy involves using the two approaches mentioned above followed by breaking up into micro teams within the big team of case lawyers, outsourced managers, and the Managed Review team all working together towards the same goals. The focus is to divide and conquer the data in a timely fashion. There can be a responsive team, redaction team, privilege log team etc. This requires an advanced level of coordination to ensure all requirements are being met.

Finding the right document review support means having a good understanding of what the case team needs. The three support categories offer a decent starting point, but be aware that needs may evolve as the review process moves forward. Our team at PLUS works as a true partner throughout the EDRM process with our review team stepping up to help close out a project. Whether it’s standard review services, deposition prep, or anything in between our team can meet you where you are.

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