Partner of Record

You choose whether PLUSnxt will drive, be your passenger, or ride in the backseat.

PLUS offers a hybrid discovery solution that gives clients and partners revolutionary access to a private Relativity environment – without costly up-front expenses for hardware, software, and support services. The value PLUS offers with Managed Services is not just measured by the predictable pricing and overall cost savings, but also by the improved client experience and integration with your in-house team.  Let us reinvent the process of your eDiscovery Managed Service to deliver a better experience.

PLUS Prime with RelativityOne

Why go alone when you can align yourself with trusted experts to maximize efficiencies, improve user experience, and reduce overall discovery spend.  Together, we help tackle your significant discovery challenges.

Do it Yourself or Through PLUS

We help our customers reach their goals faster with the skilled support from PLUS Prime and seamless collaboration with Relativity as an extension of your in-house team. We present our customers the opportunity to purchase RelativityOne or RelativityTrace subscription as a Managed Service or as a “Partner of Record.”PLUS Prime is designed for clients who want to take more control of their eDiscovery management process with the added option of not having to commit to long term contracts. We will manage specific components of a client’s RelativityOne instance based on internal capabilities. PLUS Prime can operate as an on-demand extension of your team to expand on Relativity’s support, or we can assign dedicated resources to assist with case strategy, provide data management and workflow development, collection and processing support, and manage data migrations.Here are a few ways you can benefit from our expertise.

  • Be more efficient and Improve performance
  • Help your team work faster and smarter with purpose-built solutions and training.
  • Align your people, processes, and technology with your business priorities – and prevent common missteps.
  • Improve user experiences.
  • Optimize proprietary workflows with best practices
  • Discovery program management (legal hold notification process, culling strategies, re-use of collected data, adoption of machine learning/artificial intelligence)

To help maximize your investment, either license directly with Relativity with PLUS as a Partner of Record or license RelativityOne through us.

Designating an effective Partner of Record adds benefits by accelerating time-to-value, deployment of new capabilities, and integration of third-party solutions. Having PLUS as a Partner of Record enables our clients to optimize their usage for their RelativityOne or Relativity Trace subscription for desired business outcomes.  
Staff augmentation with PLUS Prime allows our clients to get more out of their discovery budget and focus on the things that really matter – running a successful business.