6-Day Production Deadline, Multiple Data Sources, and a Holiday Weekend…Oh my!

February 2023 | Success Story

A holiday weekend is usually a cause for celebration; however, when a deadline is aggressively approaching it can be a client’s worst nightmare. When our client, Laurel (previously Time by Ping), came to us with a 6-day production deadline the Friday before a holiday weekend, we knew they needed us to step up to the plate.

Thriving Under Pressure

We were tasked with collecting from 6 different custodians and multiple data sources. This included emails and documents from Google Workspace, emails from Yahoo, and text messages from a custodian’s cell phone. With the deadline looming over our heads, leveraging technology was our only option.

Our team deployed RelativityOne to efficiently collect from Google workspace, while depending on our own forensic tools to successfully collect from the personal Yahoo email accounts. Our team also sent out a remote collection kit, per the client’s request, and was able to image the custodian’s cell phone remotely which helped expedite the collection and processing.


In the end our team successfully delivered on the quick turnaround, during a holiday weekend, giving our clients enough time to review the data and motion for a dismissal of the case, which was granted by the courts.

“I was impressed with the efficiency of PLUS. Reached out on a Friday evening and data was collected and loaded to RelativityOne for review by Sunday allowing us to review and produce docs that coming Thursday.  PLUS has my trust and business.” Chris Ramos, GC & COS at Laurel (previously Time by Ping)


This project was a testament of our ability to leverage technology to get the job done. We understand that litigation can be unpredictable, and we are here to support our clients and deliver on their behalf no matter the situation.

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