Technology at Our Disposal and the Knowledge to Use It

May 2022 | Success Story .05

Technology is proving to be the only way to stay ahead when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of eDiscovery. When our clients came to us with an ongoing breach of contract case needing translation and redactions, our team once again relied on technology to get the job done. Our team was tasked with the job of translating 10k Russian documents as well as redacting our client’s PII (personal identifiable information) before producing 1k documents to the opposing counsel.

Handling Tasks with Technology

The first task to tackle involved translation. With the case was going on for over a year, and a couple million documents already in the database, our team knew in advance that Russian translation was going to need to take place due to the Russian speaking custodians involved. With 10k documents needing translation, we decided it was the most cost/time efficient to utilize machine translation.

The second task we were given was to redact European phone numbers, PII, from 1k documents before producing to the opposing counsel. Again, we utilized technology and our expertise of RelativityOne to redact in a timely manner.  


Our team created two separate workflows to handle the translation and redactions. We translated the documents for review and redacted our clients PII in a timely manner, keeping our clients updated every step of the way. This project was simply about getting the job done. By utilizing our expertise, this has become standard practice for our team.


Our technology isn’t the only difference in what we offer, it’s our knowledge base and client support that makes the difference for our clients. We like to say, anyone can have a sports car but who really knows how to drive it? Our answer: We do. Take a ride with our team at PLUSnxt as we utilize RelativityOne TOGETHER.

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