PLUSnxt Unveils PLUS Accelerator, Complete Control of RelativityOne Environment with Expert Support

January 18, 2022

PLUS Accelerator facilitates eDiscovery self-reliance with PLUSnxt’s guided expertise and partnership

PLUSnxt, leading Electronic Discovery Services and Solutions Provider, today announced the availability of PLUS Accelerator which provides organizations with the ability to independently control a RelativityOne environment with the managed support and partnership of PLUSnxt experts.

Accelerator provides organizations with a RelativityOne enterprise license, including access to the entire technology stack, without any data minimums, long-term contracts, or costly subscription requirements. The PLUSnxt team then partners with the organization, providing training and support along the way. The goal of PLUS Accelerator is to enable clients with the power and flexibility to manage their data on their terms.

PLUSnxt focuses on the capabilities that organizations already have in running their eDiscovery solutions and maintains varying levels of support to ensure they have the necessary understanding to manage their RelativityOne environment independently. Accelerator provides step-by-step guidance promoting self-sufficiency along the way with the assurance of having an expert just a phone call away.

Benefits of PLUS Accelerator include:

•   Complete control of a dedicated RelativityOne instance and technology

•   No long-term contracts or costly subscriptions

•   No data minimum - full scalability

•   Independent eDiscovery goal leading to cost savings

•   Industry-leading data security

•   Training protocols, customized workflows, and monthly reporting structure

•   Support from dedicated account team

"PLUS Accelerator provides the ideal situation for organizations that have internal eDiscovery capabilities but may still need support with RelativityOne. The service helps bridge the gap between full support and the organization independently managing their own eDiscovery needs. The key is that we’ve done away with the typical barriers to entry that organizations often encounter, such as data minimums, long-term contracts, and costly subscriptions. The service is a perfect reflection of our company vision to focus on our client’s experience and needs.” - Gary Bendel, President & COO

Visit the PLUSnxt website or connect with PLUSnxt on LinkedIn for more information.

About PLUSnxt
PLUSnxt is a top tier data discovery and management company offering three critical components of eDiscovery; the best and proven technology, experts that can develop efficient workflows, and the experience to mitigate risk and reduce costs. PLUSnxt is a collaborative team with many successful years in the litigation support space. We identify issues, listen to the needs of our clients, and then design the solution and workflow model that best suits their needs. PLUSnxt combines forward thinking experts with the latest technological developments, consistently delivering smart solutions to complex discovery challenges. Based in Los Angeles, PLUSnxt is a RelativityOne Certified Partner, Silver Partner, and Services Partner. Discover more at or email

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