eDiscovery Cost Recovery

November 2023 | Accelerator Tips

Historically, for our law firm clients that don't have an Accelerator program or MSA with us, we provide an eDiscovery invoice for their project each month. When they invoice their end client for the project, most of our law firm clients typically handle it in several ways. Some firms absorb the eDiscovery cost, and their hourly fees cover the eDiscovery portion. We’ve also seen firms work with their accounting department, taking our standard invoice and breaking it out, then creating a new invoice.

Custom Invoicing with Accelerator

With Accelerator, we can work with your billing system and provide invoices you can attach and send directly to your client. One of the things that we've had success with is eDiscovery cost recovery for our law firm clients. When clients move from another vendor, into Accelerator, they can have chargebacks to the client, enabling their litigation support team to become a profit center.

PLUS can provide custom information based on how you want to bill specific clients on specific projects. For instance, we’re successfully working with law firm clients on this now. We bill a lump sum yearly or monthly for a certain amount of data. The law firm then returns with a request for an invoice to send to their clients to charge that back and recover their costs or even make some profit.

Accelerator’s custom billing offering makes this process very easy. It's already built into our workflow, enabling us to work with you to provide cost recovery or even help make it a profit center. Our team works with you to define the details and specs of how you need to do that to pass on these costs to your end client.

We understand that eDiscovery costs to a firm aren't always something that can be absorbed, and being able to detail those costs makes it easier to pass them on to your client. Rather than just saying your vendor billed you a certain amount, PLUS can break those out into detailed billings and provide them at whatever level you or your client require.

Accelerator allows organizations to independently control a RelativityOne environment with the managed support and partnership of PLUS experts. If you need to invoice the eDiscovery costs back to your clients, we can help you customize your billing and provide details to enable you to import that into your billing system.

As an Accelerator client, there's no charge for the custom invoicing option – it’s already part of the service.  Contact us now to learn more about Accelerator and the custom invoicing options available.

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