PLUSnxt delivers the premier all-in-one cloud based solution - RelativityOne

PLUS partners with Relativity to provide you with the tools necessary to proactively tackle and overcome any discovery challenge. RelativityOne has been architected and designed with unique benefits that you can’t get from deploying Relativity on-premises or to the cloud on your own. RelativityOne is constantly updated providing the latest performance innovations and enhancements to security. With a new intuitive user interface, automated workflows and light-speed performance, RelativityOne offers an Ai powered solution that will help you deliver great results now and in the future.


RelativityOne is built on Microsoft Azure and protected by a proactive security program called Relativity Trust. Relativity’s in-house security team, Calder7, has over 30 professionals dedicated to safeguarding client data through advanced techniques including threat intelligence, dark web analysis, threat hunting and investigation, network defense monitoring, vulnerability assessments and more.

Additionally, Relativity ensures data security and privacy through aggressive compliance standards. They have independently achieved ISO 27001 certification, HIPAA compliance, SOC 2, Type II attestation, as well as FedRAMP authorization for their government platform, RelativityOne Government.


Without a secure forensic collection solution, your electronic evidence could be overlooked, modified, or unreliable, and thus becomes inadmissible, exposing your organization to reputational harm and costly legal ramifications, especially in internal investigations. Our forensic examiners focus on meticulously preserving, recovering, and collecting your information, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to minimize risk.

& Review

Our experts can customize RelativityOne’s review functionality and provide flexible options to handle discovery projects of all sizes to meet your needs as your case evolves.


Are you looking for a modern way to reduce the time required to stage, load, and prepare data for review? Using Relativity Processing, PLUS delivers a total processing solution with fewer manual steps, less time spent monitoring jobs, and simple error management. Go from native files to data review more quickly than ever before.

Relativity Partnership

What truly sets this partnership apart is the seamless integration of PLUSnxt's skillset with the Relativity's latest technological marvels. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art tools, this alliance has unlocked new dimensions of productivity and insight.

Relativity Solutions Competency: RelativityOne Data Migration

PLUSnxt stands out in the realm of data migration, showcasing unparalleled expertise in seamlessly transitioning organizations to the RelativityOne environment. Their adept team not only navigates the complexities of data migration with precision but also ensures a smooth integration into RelativityOne, optimizing workflows and unlocking the full potential of this cutting-edge platform. With PLUS at the helm, businesses can trust in a proven track record of excellence, assuring a swift and secure transition to RelativityOne

With that, PLUSnxt has earned its RelativityOne Data Migration Competency. Through this Competency, Relativity acknowledges that PLUS has exhibited an enhanced level of proficiency in data migration services.

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Construction Industry Expertise

PLUSnxt stands as a beacon of expertise in eDiscovery within the construction industry, showcasing an in-depth understanding of the unique data intricacies that define the sector. With a proven track record, PLUS tailors our approach to handle the distinctive data challenges inherent in construction projects, such as CAD files and detailed photos. Clients can rely on our team's specialized knowledge to efficiently manage, analyze, and extract valuable insights from the diverse data sets associated with the construction industry.

With that, PLUSnxt is on track to earn its Relativity industry competency on construction. Through this Competency, Relativity acknowledges that PLUS has exhibited an enhanced level of proficiency within the industry.

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