Knowing When to Say When

November 2021 | Success Story .03

Sometimes the difference between a successful project and losing a client, is simply knowing when to employ outside resources. This was the case when one of our clients, a law firm with a lean team model, approached us with a fast-paced class action lawsuit and a deadline that was quickly approaching. We continue our "Success Series” with a recent project that highlights PLUSnxt’s unique approach on client support.

Making the Right Call

Initially, this project was meant to be worked on in-house with our clients utilizing their own resources and team members. Two months into the undertaking it was clear this project was beyond the scope the internal team could handle.

Rightfully, our client’s focus was on lawyering and successfully defending their client’s case, in addition, our client’s project manager was quick to realize without the help of the PLUSnxt team it would take around 6 months to just get the project loaded and with that made the decision to move this project over to PLUS.

Utilizing the PLUS Expertise

PLUS stepped in and was able to get the full data set processed and loaded to RelativityOne in under 4 weeks. We managed and tracked the project while providing dedicated daily support.

The project was unique in that the data set contained various production formats and required normalization of load files. We streamlined the data loading process by utilizing our project management expertise while prioritizing what data sets needed to be loaded first. In short, our team worked smarter not harder, and although there was a great deal of pressure because of the time sensitivity, our team prevailed with ease.

The Results

Of course, our clients would have preferred to keep this project in-house, however, the delayed loading would have led to late motions and, potentially, the loss of their client. With the project loaded in under 4 weeks and support throughout the year and a half long project, our clients were able to successfully build an argument that led to the dismissal of the case.


The project was not without technical issues, as no project is seamless. The PLUS team handled these issues professionally and efficiently building trust from our client. Our team’s proficiency in project management and the RelativityOne platform allowed our clients to focus on what they do best and not worry about the minutia of eDiscovery.

We are proud to have played an instrumental part in getting our client’s case dismissed. Our client was reminded that with a project of large data size in various formats and stretched personnel and resources, it’s best to bring in the experts, PLUSnxt.

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