PLUS Expands Managed Review Services with Strategic Hire of New Director of Managed Review

March 7, 2022

Managed Review services industry expert, Catherine Pray, will lead the PLUS Managed Review team, providing clients with consistent & predictable review results

PLUSnxt, leading electronic discovery services provider, today announced the expansion of their Managed Review service with the addition of Catherine Pray as Director of Managed Review. In her new role, Pray will lead PLUSnxt’s Managed Review team, fostering a team concept to promote an environment that allows the team to focus on better quality work, provide more predictable results and eliminate the need for repeat review.

Catherine joins PLUSnxt with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in managed document review acting as a review attorney, team lead, manager, and director. She has supervised second requests, cases with several million documents, and teams of 250+ attorneys. She has a background in both corporate law and as a litigator and has worked extensively developing review workflows and the implementation of best practices and quality control. Ms. Pray is licensed to practice in New York and Utah.

The difference in PLUSnxt’s Managed Review solution is rooted in the review team, who are continuously empowered to focus on the quality of their review and not just the number of reviewed documents, resulting in a more consistent and valuable outcome. The team’s arsenal of tools includes not only the best review technologies but also a supportive team of colleagues and managers that work together to ensure the team is invested in the process, which has resulted in lower turnover rates and ultimately a better-quality review.

“PLUSnxt in-house reviewers have years of experience in all facets and phases of document review. Due to our true team dynamic, reviewers are engaged and focused on projects ensuring quality experiences and work product for clients. Consistency of team members and a focus on quality enables the highest quality review product and avoidance of repeat work, resulting in financial and time-saving benefits for clients.”
- Catherine Pray, Director of Managed Review

The recently announced PLUS Accelerator program, which provides guided support and a dedicated RelativityOne environment, allows clients to take control of eDiscovery and capitalize on proven workflows and best practices. The PLUS review team, as a continuation of Accelerator, provides our clients with additional assistance to fill the gap when case teams do not have the bandwidth or budget to complete reviews in-house. While standard workflows and templates provide a great starting point, the PLUSnxt review team customizes these based on client requirements and then works closely with the client to review the documents and prepare them for production.

Visit the PLUSnxt website or connect with PLUSnxt on LinkedIn for more information.

About PLUSnxt
PLUSnxt is a top tier data discovery and management company offering three critical components of eDiscovery; the best and proven technology, experts that can develop efficient workflows, and the experience to mitigate risk and reduce costs. PLUSnxt is a collaborative team with many successful years in the litigation support space. We identify issues, listen to the needs of our clients, and then design the solution and workflow model that best suits their needs. PLUSnxt combines forward thinking experts with the latest technological developments, consistently delivering smart solutions to complex discovery challenges. Based in Los Angeles, PLUSnxt is a RelativityOne Certified Partner, Silver Partner, and Services Partner. Discover more at or email

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