Gary Bendel, COO & President

Gary, a self-proclaimed grandfather in the industry, has worked 30 years within the litigation support space and has had a front row seat in watching the industry move from strictly paper based to now electronic. Although the methods of operations have evolved, Gary believes the principles of serving the legal community has remained relatively the same – support your clients with open communication and adaptability. His years of experience and stability within his own career has allowed him the opportunity to gain continuous exposure in the ever-changing workings of eDiscovery making him a knowledgeable leader to the PLUS team and to our clients.

What led you to the PLUSnxt team?

There were many attractive aspects to joining the PLUSnxt team. One being the people that were already on board and their entrepreneurial spirit. The team is comprised of individuals with a founder’s mentality, it is ingrained within the culture of the entire organization.  In my opinion, these are the teams and businesses that are successful and maintain viability. I was excited to bring my experiences from a tactical standpoint to not only our company but to our clients as well.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

I oversee the operations of the business. My role bleeds into sales, finance, etc. because our organization is not bifurcated by departments. I am involved in all aspects of our business due to the working components and client connections these processes entail. However, the underpinning of what I do is the operational function of keeping everything running smoothly and exceeding client expectations.  We are service oriented and that requires daily interaction and support to our clients, and I am on the frontlines of those interactions.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

I think the standard answer always relates to financial growth, but deep down I see something greater for PLUSnxt. Of course, we are going to expand geographically and add staff, but we also want to create opportunities for our employees and clients. Our business has been constructed to enable us to be nimble and flexible with where the market is going as technology continues to advance. We plan to do this in a way that creates new solutions for our clients and alleviates their day-to-day issues as it relates to their litigation profile.

We have built a platform where we can support as many clients as necessary but are still flexible enough that we can quickly adjust to the times to satisfy the demands of our clients. This is where a lot of our competitors are falling short. They can’t adjust at the same rate that technology is advancing because they have invested too much and built something that can’t react quickly. What is exciting about PLUSnxt is that we are going to change with the times in parallel or even ahead as we work with our clients to create solutions that haven’t been utilized yet and continue to work proactively.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

I want our clients to feel we are servicing them at a level that they have yet to experience. I want them to notice that the onboarding process is simplified and streamlined, that there isn’t a barrier to getting things done. We are doing things on our end to make sure these small details are accomplished in order for our clients to say, “Wow, you guys are so easy to work with. You are responsive and get the work done with a quality deliverable.”

We also want them to feel that we are actively consulting with them and providing constructive feedback and suggestions to improve their workflows. I want to legitimately build a partnership and relationship with our clients. The clients that are usually dubbed “high maintenance” or “demanding” are my favorite to work with. They are open and honest and actually work with us, they layout their expectations and communicate about what is working and what can be improved. In the long run this helps us provide a better service to all clients. Ultimately, we are working with our clients to tackle the issues we mutually face – massive amounts of data, hard deadlines, budgets and these solutions only come about from open communication and intimate relationship to achieve a common goal.

What are some things you do for fun that LinkedIn doesn’t already tell us?

I have two very active boys that play sports, so my fun is dragging them around Southern California to different sporting events and I thoroughly enjoy that family time. I also enjoy being active and exercise regularly. I wrestled in college and I think that athletic mentality has carried over to where now I push myself to achieve certain goals while working out. Lightheartedly, I am a Virgo, so I am very particular about certain aspects of my life – like the toilet paper roll, it has to go on top, has to. My motto is, “Everything has a place, and everything belongs in its place.”

Stay tuned as we introduce the entire PLUSnxt Team and highlight their experience and expertise.