Tony Ramsey, CEO

Tony Ramsey is the CEO of PLUSnxt and has decades of experience leading teams within the litigation support industry. As cofounder of Whitmont Legal Technologies, founded in 1990, Tony was involved in building Whitmont’s own native file review tool while hiring some of the top consultants in the industry. Tony’s ability to adapt with the industry was evident as he facilitated the growth from 1 office to 17 offices across the country. This expertise led him to his current role as leader of the PLUSnxt team where he focuses on the strategic direction of PLUS and sourcing new opportunities for growth.

What led you to the PLUSnxt team?

After being in the industry for 15+ years I sold my previous company and exited for a period of time. Recently, I was led back into the industry through a team of people I worked with in the past. They introduced me to the cloud, showed me the capabilities of it and how it is a viable option to scale. I like the concept of scalability as well as the efficiency and security of the cloud in comparison to what competitors offer. Being a part of a team and building PLUSnxt together is something I’m excited about doing.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

My role as CEO is leading the development of PLUSnxt’s short- and long-term strategy. As well as creating and implementing the vision and mission of the company. This will be accomplished by putting together the best team of individuals as well as the top technology to facilitate and provide a high-level service to the litigation industry.

Can you explain the meaning behind PLUSnxt?

PLUSnxt speaks to our ability to provide more than a basic service and to continually be taking it to the next level. Plus is based on having a solid foundational platform, top technology and the right team. The next piece, “nxt”, is our ability to be forward thinking, diving deeper into our client’s needs and providing the best possible service to them.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

Good client relationships are built on trust, personal interaction and connection. I hope to gain the trust of our clients by building a strong bond through personal interaction and connection. Listening to and understanding the client’s needs, providing the best solution to them and following up with open conversation is key. We want them to know that we are doing all we can to provide the best solution while engaging in the process that leads to that solution. We’re building a community here and want the client to feel they are a part of it.

What are some things you do for fun that LinkedIn doesn’t already tell us?

I enjoy watching the successes of my children. They are all creative and artistic in their own ways. All are involved in the arts from being a musician to music management to interior design and creative art. It’s fun to follow their paths and identify with them as individuals. For me personally, I love getting out and playing any type of sport whether it be tennis, golf, or any other outdoor activity. Lastly, I really enjoy music. It’s exciting and fun to keep up with new music, but also nice to look back throughout the years.

Stay tuned as we introduce the entire PLUSnxt Team and highlight their experience and expertise.