Benefits of Consolidating Data from Other Platforms

February 2024 | Accelerator Tips

PLUS Accelerator enables consolidating all your eDiscovery data into the RelativityOne platform, providing your organization with a solution that ensures the highest data security, one platform for all your cases, and the technology expertise to help your organization with the migration process...

Data Security

Organizations have multiple cases with multiple outside counsels who utilize numerous external vendors, so their data is now stored across many locations across the Internet. The more locations you have it in, the bigger the risk of your data being compromised. With Accelerator, organizations can consolidate their data into a trusted, known platform.  

Accelerator allows your organization to control its own RelativityOne environment, securely housed in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This is also where Microsoft 365 data is housed, which is the trusted platform of a majority of IT and security teams. There’s no need to go through any other steps for your eDiscovery platform, as it's already a known, trusted platform for secure data housing.

Know Where Your Data Is

Knowing where the data for a particular case is hosted can also be a challenge for organizations in their day-to-day work. Numerous cases with different outside counsel housed with different vendors can leave users in your organization unsure of where the data resides for a particular case and require logging into multiple platforms.

Leveraging Accelerator allows organizations to consolidate all data into one Relativity platform. Users won't have to remember multiple usernames and passwords, which case is being worked on, or which platform the case is held.

Migrating Data

Transferring data from different platforms into one Relativity platform provides better security and ease of use. The PLUS technical team has successfully provided migrations of data from other platforms, including IPRO/Eclipse, Nextpoint, and Everlaw, into RelativityOne. PLUS’ team of experts created the tools and workflows required to make the migrations to the RelativityOne platform secure and seamless.

Owning your enterprise license and RelativityOne platform allows your legal team to access your environment for all cases and keeps your data in one highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

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