Benefits to Controlling Your Data as a Corporation

August 2022 | Accelerator Tips

Whether your corporation employs one law firm or twenty, there are benefits to controlling where your data is hosted and who is hosting it.

In either case, there are different vendors that host the data or multiple firms if they host the data themselves; meaning your data is distributed across multiple locations and handled by a decentralized data management team. This disparate approach introduces several issues involving data security, team synchronization, and cost management.

The Issues & Solutions

Data Security
Issue: Distributed data hosting causes issues validating consistent security protocols and managing the lifecycle of active sensitive data. It also creates threats by moving data to and from various external systems while not knowing what data has been completely destroyed during project conclusion and what data is still lingering about.

Solution: With one dedicated instance under your company’s name, you no longer must succumb to different vendors with different platforms. With Accelerator, your hosting domain is centralized for all outside counsel, making it easy to track and control where and who sees your data. This eliminates the threat of data being corrupted or compromised while supporting legal data management .

Team Synchronization
Issue: Too often the following statement rings true, “The first one is the worst one”. When there are different law firms and vendors involved for various cases, it can be hard to build a rapport and find an efficient workflow while working through each project. the data. The process will continue to differ and without consistency it can be difficult to optimize data management.

Solution: Over time, there are inherent efficiencies when working with the same team on multiple cases and designing workflows and procedures that support the unique ways that the organization tackles discovery requests, internal investigations and government inquires. The comradery continues to build and the two teams begin to speak the same language.

BONUS: If there is one platform used amongst all projects and outside counsel then optimized workflows can be utilized across all matters, standardizing your data management.

Cost Management
Issue: Using multiple vendors means not leveraging the benefit of buying power. With multiple firms and vendors, managing your cost becomes difficult.

Solution: By utilizing Accelerator, you know your prices. This allows your team to accurately budget and decrease your spend with buying power. The more data you have with one vendor, the more overall savings you recognize.

Accelerator provides our clients complete control over their own RelativityOne environment with PLUS’ expertise at their disposal.  With no minimums to be met there is no need to prepurchase capacity to control your data. You pay for what you use and the more you use the lower the price.

Now the question we continue to get is, “But what’s the catch?” There isn’t one. As a team we realized something had to change within the industry in that our success was mutually inclusive to our client’s success. Click here to learn more about our PLUS culture.

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