Data Security: Corporations

May 2023 | Accelerator Tips

We see it time and time again, corporate clients with multiple outside counsels and vendors and no clear idea where their data is being stored. Well, our Accelerator program is here to help.

Current State

With corporations we usually see anywhere from 5-20 outside counsels being utilized for discovery production support. Taking it one step further, it’s important to note that for every outside counsel there are usually 1-3 vendors at their disposal helping assist in said eDiscovery process. Therefore, from a corporation's POV your data is spread out and scattered amongst multiple law firms and vendors making data security less certain.  

Accelerator Helps Consolidate

One of the benefits of Accelerator is its ability to consolidate your data and smooth out a disjointed system. Accelerator provides your corporation with its own enterprise license and RelativityOne environment to be utilized by your outside counsel, no matter how big or how many. This means ALL outside counsel can log into your environment, for their specific matters, keeping your data in one highly secure location and eliminating the uncertainty of security.  

The Same Trusted Security

The same cloud technology that is trusted by most of our corporate clients via Microsoft 365 is utilized in the RelativityOne environment, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. This approach to data management goes hand in hand with data security and with Accelerator, the highest level of security can become your corporation’s standard no matter the project.

As a corporation you should be able to trust your provider. In the last few years, we’ve seen eDiscovery providers get hacked and have to shut down their operations. This becomes not only a privacy issue, but a time sensitivity issue as well, with one of the latest security blunders lasting over 2 weeks without access to their clients’ data. With Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, data security is at the forefront.  

With our Accelerator program we are ensuring you access to the highest security in the industry. We are working hard at providing our clients with ease of use coupled with high standards of security. Our ecosystem can keep your data in one place from collection to production giving you one less thing to worry about.

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