Simplifying the Procurement Process

May 2022 | Accelerator Tips

Let’s talk about Managed Service Agreements. First, they can be a headache to get started. Second, the premise is outdated, with the best interest being in that of the service provider and not the client.

Some hang-ups surrounding the procurement process:

1) Volume-based data commitment isn’t ideal when projects are constantly changing

2) Even with an RFP/RFI process, who actually wants to get involved in a 1-2 year committed relationship with a service provider without. “dating” first

3) The red tape involved in getting approval from the management team for a reoccurring financial obligation is time consuming and not always guaranteed

And let’s be real, is it actually “scalable” when you can only scale up in data tiers but not scale down? We didn’t think so either; therefore, we created our Accelerator program, full license to a RelativityOne client domain with administrative access without all the nonsense to get started.

We’ve made it easy for our clients to take control of their eDiscovery process by:

1) Creating easy to navigate contracts WITHOUT the long-term commitment. Think of it as a 1-project deal

2) With a simplified agreement approach we’ve alleviated the red tape surrounding the approval process usually associated with MSAs

3) TRUE SCALABILITY! You will never be locked into a data tier. We support the ebbs and flows of business by allowing you to scale up AND scale down

There’s enough stress involved in litigation without having to worry about your eDiscovery provider having your best interests at heart. True partnership is the goal at PLUS and our team is committed to making it happen.  We are here to support and staff augmentation needs and overcome the licensing barriers.

Now the question we continue to get is, “But what’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. As a team we realized something had to change within the industry in order for both client and service provider to mutually find success. Click here to learn more about our Accelerator program.

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