Level the playing field: Giving AmLaw 200+ firms the ability to compete

June 2022 | Accelerator Tips

We have a real David VS Goliath situation happening within the legal industry as big law firms continue to set the standard of practice resulting in small and medium-sized law firms (SMBs) finding it difficult to compete.

These firms are being faced with the task of slaying Goliath, who have deep pockets, vast resources, and access to enterprise level technology.

One solution SMBs have employed has been to utilize inefficient workflows with less advanced technology to avoid having to make any significant technology investments. This allows them to get the job done within the constraints of their budget, however this solution is not sustainable to properly litigate their case and defend the legitimacy of discovery to the courts.

Relativity is the industry standard being used by most of big law, resulting in downward pressure for the smaller firms to stay current. Although none can argue the technology, the price to get started with Relativity is not practicable for most firms.

Our Solution: PLUS Accelerator

Our solution to this common issue is our Accelerator program, which provides enterprise level access to the RelativityOne’s full technology stack, as well as top tier support from our team, at an affordable price.

Benefits to Accelerator:
No questioning or argument on the technology being used; therefore, removing the doubt of legitimacy.

Availability of entire Relativity Stack:
• Relativity Collect
• Advanced Analytics (including CAL)
• Relativity Redact
• Leveraging ECA workflows to reduce spend
• Access to our custom tools

No standard barriers to entry,
Read our “Simplifying the Procurement Process” to learn more.  

With Accelerator you get to have your cake and eat it too – providing complete control over your eDiscovery technology, coupled with the support and expertise of our dedicated project management team. We believe by making RelativityOne readily available to the masses that we are leveling the playing field for law firms in terms of eDiscovery technology.

Now the question we continue to get is, “But what’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. As a team we realized something had to change within the industry in that our success was mutually inclusive to our client’s success. Click here to learn more about our PLUS culture.

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