This year, PLUSnxt is focusing its attention on the bigger picture...

We've spent the past few years understanding the challenges faced by our clients,  and it became apparent that a significant portion of our clients' problems are actually caused by eDiscovery.

We identified five distinct challenges that cause the majority of our clients' issues:

Ever-changing data
Tight deadlines
Disjointed vendor management
Lack of eDiscovery expertise
Costs and budget constraints

So, through close collaboration with our team of experts and technology partners, we are actively addressing these challenges that impact our clients.

This Month's Featured Blog:

"The data is ever-changing"


In the era of Big Data, the landscape of discoverable information is constantly evolving, presenting new and unique challenges for organizations to tackle. Read this month's Success Story where we recently assisted a client in creating customized workflows and processes to fully support chat data from Bloomberg.


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