Case Strategy

When your bandwidth is exceeded, PLUSnxt is just getting started

Proper resource management is critical in achieving a timely, defensible and cost-effective discovery solution that accomplishes the client’s objectives. Case Preparation and Trial Strategy are all about managing complexity and reducing the number and impact of surprises through meticulous research, scenario formulation and extensive planning.  A litigation strategy should be developed with the goal of optimizing the chance for a favorable outcome. PLUS provides innovative technology, top-notch legal talent and efficient project management workflows necessary to produce a high-quality, economical work product. Performing these functions in a complete and thorough manner is the difference between being truly exceptional and merely competent in pretrial advocacy.  PLUS Case Strategy resources are vital tools deployed in achieving the best available result.

Managed Review

Managed review expands your team to provide the bandwidth you need to create efficiency while scaling processes within your organization. The PLUS team leverages our experience to cut the hard and soft costs associated with the daily review and identification of your data.


With PLUS, you can build your litigation strategy as you explore your data. CaseDynamics streamlines trial preparation by organizing and analyzing case details such as facts, issues, organizations, people, interviews and documents as you go, leading to more favorable trial outcomes. PLUS has used CaseDynamics to help clients with:


PLUS provides access to the Transcripts application, giving users the ability to upload, review, code, and annotate Transcript files in Relativity. With Transcripts, your team will be able to create word indexes of terms in a transcript, link to associated documents in a workspace from a transcript and add distinguishable reference terms to specific content. PLUS Transcripts supports video clips from the videographer and links them to the transcript for synced review.  From within the viewer, case teams can create video clips for distribution by highlighting the corresponding text, using a preexisting designation or while playing the video clip with begin/end type editing. This enables case teams to draw powerful connections between what you uncover during legal proceedings and what you discover in case documents.