Problems for Some, Solutions for Others

April 2021 | Success Story .02

Frustration is to be expected when expectations are met with false promises. For a current client that was the case when 18 months ago they approached us about frustrations they were having with their current provider. Fortunately, PLUSnxt was able to step in and pick up the pieces to salvage the workflow and improve service levels. Not only did this effort result in success for our client, but it created a strong professional relationship that speaks to what makes PLUSnxt different – our client support. We continue our "Success Series” with a recent project that highlights PLUSnxt’s unique approach on client support.

Seizing an Opportunity…

When our team at PLUSnxt gained some insight on how a case being handled by a competitor was yielding unsatisfactory results for a specific firm, we knew it was an opportunity to make a statement. A statement that speaks to just how distinctive we are from our competitors by offering the top technology guided by the top people.

We decided to reach out to the case teams and see if there was any support we could offer in turning the project around. We explained our service levels and what we could do to help recover the case, while also offering some insight on who we are as individuals and our company culture. Ultimately, after much consideration, the law firm presented our team to their corporate client and, mutually, they agreed to migrate the case to our team.  

Project Details…

The project was of decent size with a little over a terabyte of data being handled. And although it is not standard practice to change providers in the middle of a project, we were able to migrate the case over well within the expectations of the client. The case team only missed a weekend of access to the data.

The Results

Fast-forward 18 months, and we at PLUSnxt have now increased our volume of work with this client eightfold (8x). The feedback we continue to receive is complimentary, not only on our ability to get the job done, but the support our team has offered throughout the process.

This client has now presented us to other corporate entities promoting the PLUSnxt team over our competitors as the top providers within our industry. We attribute this praise to the service levels we are able to provide.


The moves we made implementing the top technology and leveraging our partner offerings has allowed us the freedom to focus all our efforts on supporting our clients in a way they have yet to experience.

We recognize what the industry is missing and fill that gap by dedicating 100% of our efforts as a company on servicing our clients. In short, our team is servient at heart, experts at the technology and genuinely care about our client experience. This white glove service is the culture at PLUSnxt.

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