Unique Data Sources, Thoughtful Solutions

March 2022 | Success Story.04

As technology continues to evolve, data sources are growing in number and complexity, causing hurdles for case teams and eDiscovery providers. Recently, our team at PLUSnxt was tasked with a project involving a handful of data sources and 1.7M documents to be culled down in a 3-month time frame. The case was centered around product liability issues being investigated by the federal government, meaning hefty fines if the requested documents were not produced to the government on time by the client. With so much data and a variety of different data sources, our team had to be strategic in the discovery process.

SAP Collection Challenge

Collecting from various data sources has become the standard for our team. This project required our team to collect from O365, SharePoint, OneDrive, emails, and SAP – an ERP system. Collecting data from SAP was a unique obstacle being that it was a database itself. This hurdle required us to work closely with the IT department in order to work in the SAP environment and normalize the data for it to be culled down, processed, and reviewed.  

Evolving with the Data

Once the data was normalized, it was decided that the most efficient way to fulfill the investigation requirements was to rely heavily on predictive modeling. Therefore, our team worked hand in hand with the case team to setup RelativityOne with various predictive models based on the example seed documents provided by the client. It was easy to see that without the predictive models, there would have been no way to cull this data down in such a tight time frame.

The Results

By utilizing analytics and predictive models in a strategic manner, our team was able to cull the 1.7M documents to 50K and fulfilled the discovery order on time. From there, we were able to take the 50K documents and conduct a detailed review that resulted in a 12K document production to the government that were relevant to its investigation, avoiding a fine from non-compliance.


Collecting from an ERP system like SAP furthered our knowledge on necessary output in order to be uploaded into RelativityOne, adding yet another tool to our toolbelt. Our PLUS team was key in helping our client meet their deadline. We utilized our expertise to produce the right type of documents that helped our clients build their case.  

Our focus on true partnership was instrumental in curating solutions for this project as we worked closely with the case team and IT department. We pride ourselves in seeing what our clients need and building the customized workflows around those needs. Our white glove service is second to none.

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