Early Access Enhances and Streamlines Review

August 2023 | Fusion Tips

On the first day of a managed review project, our team often encounters a disorganized and chaotic data compilation. This necessitates valuable review time to be spent on understanding and familiarizing ourselves with the data and its underlying narrative. But what if there was a way to avoid the rocky project start, would you take advantage of it?

Well, here's the good news: within our Fusion Review, we firmly believe that granting key team members access to the data prior to the project kickoff call can have a transformative impact on project strategy and efficiency.

Why it’s Beneficial

The advantages are undeniable. By providing access to the review manager, they can analyze the data and devise an action plan based on their discoveries. The data holds a wealth of valuable information that can assist the manager in formulating an efficient review strategy. For example, if the documents are in a different language, they may need a translator. If there is an overwhelming amount of calendar invites it’s important to find out if they are responsive. Similarly, if there is a surplus number of spreadsheets, how will they be handled, are we redacting natively? Or asking about PII such as the client deciding whether the social security numbers will need to be redacted, which could be expensive undertaking for the client, especially if it is unknown from the get go. Accessing the documents enables the manager to understand their format, length, and context, as well as the substantive nature of the project. This knowledge can assist in providing more accurate project timelines and cost estimations. With advance knowledge, the team leads can prioritize documents and arrive at the kickoff meeting with substantial questions, setting up the project for success.

Elevating the Kickoff Call

Early access to the data provides a significant advantage for the project. It empowers the team lead to arrive at the kickoff call well-prepared, armed with relevant questions to engage the case team. As these questions are addressed and answered, the strategy starts begins to take shape. The gathered information offers valuable insights to the review team, guiding them in determining the most suitable workflows and approaches for handling the data. Consequently, the review team can commence their work with a solid foundation already in place.

How to Make it Happen

You might be skeptical and thinking, "This seems impractical! We're already pressed for time to kickstart the review. How can we possibly manage things earlier?", But fear not, because it's straightforward. By providing early access to the review manager a few days in advance, they can take care of the necessary preparations on the review team side. And if the data is already within the PLUSnxt RelativityOne environment, the process becomes even more streamlined, giving you yet another compelling reason to embrace the PLUS Ecosystem.

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