Benefits to Aggregating the EDRM Process

July 2022 | Accelerator Tips

The EDRM process is made up of countless moving parts. From Legal Hold and Preservation to Case Management, managing these different processes can be overwhelming, especially if each process requires a different platform and team to work with.

However, by putting all the moving parts in a single application, clients are given a streamlined solution.

The Benefits

Optimized Workflow
With RelativityOne, clients only need to access one platform to see EVERYTHING happening within a project. This allows the client to track, report, and manage from one place, as opposed to jumping from software to software wasting time and effort organizing via emails and spreadsheets. Ultimately, one platform helps streamline our clients’ workflow.

Data Security
When data lives in one place from start to finish, there is less worry of the data being corrupted or compromised while being moved around and eliminates multiple security breach threats.  

Simple Project Closeout
Closing out a project can get messy when juggling multiple vendors, technology, and tools. With one database it is easy to manage the data in an active case AND a closed case. When a project closes on one platform, all the associated data is closed automatically, alleviating the worry of data floating around.

Consolidate Costs
We all know explaining eDiscovery spend to a client can be a nightmare. Billing in one place means saying goodbye to multiple licenses! With one platform and consolidated labor to support the case needs, invoicing becomes much easier.

PLUS Accelerator Offers Control and Support

Accelerator provides our clients complete control over their own RelativityOne environment, a true end-to-end product, with the bonus of PLUS’ expertise at their disposal. With RelativityOne our clients can control their data from Legal Hold to Production under the security of Microsoft Azure and with the support and partnership of PLUSnxt.

Now the question we continue to get is, “But what’s the catch?” There isn’t one. As a team we realized something had to change within the industry in that our success was mutually inclusive to our client’s success. Click here to learn more about our PLUS culture.

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