Scalability: Flexible Contracts

September 2023 | Accelerator Tips

Within eDiscovery, one constant factor prevails: data size is always subject to change. And though Managed Service Agreements (MSAs) can be greatly beneficial, they ignore that one crucial fact and lock clients into data commitments they sometimes can’t sustain. Our approach to the ebbs and flows of data size is unique and simple. With Accelerator we allow for scalability, based on data usage, not committed tiers. As data continues to grow, the ability to seamlessly adapt resources and pricing according to the actual data volume harnessed becomes paramount.

Tiered Pricing

The current tiered-pricing model in the eDiscovery industry operates by associating specific pricing tiers with varying ranges of data volume. When clients sign an MSA, they are categorized into predefined tiers based on their data volume commitments. The higher the commitments the lower the per GB price. However, the problem is when the data volume drops below a committed tier, the client is now paying for unused capacity and remains locked into their higher tier.

The Accelerator Difference

With our Accelerator program we disrupted the eDiscovery landscape by removing the constraints of traditional tiered-pricing models. Our approach is flexible, eliminating data commitments that lock clients to a specific data and pricing tier.  As your data volume fluctuates, so do your rates. When your volume scales up into a higher data tier, our pricing seamlessly adjusts, ensuring you receive competitive rates per GB. When projects close and volumes decrease your pricing adjusts accordingly.

What this Means for Clients

The PLUSnxt pricing model brings a breath of fresh air to clients looking to leverage the value of the Accelerator offering. By eliminating the requirement of a minimum data tier, PLUSnxt has simplified the MSA process, made it more client friendly, and has removed the barrier of entry for clients to fully leverage RelativityOne.  

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