Data Security: Law Firms

June 2023 | Accelerator Tips

Data Security is without a doubt the most important aspect of the eDiscovery process and law firms’ clients want to know their data is safe, especially if a vendor is involved.

The Same Trusted Security

Accelerator is powered by RelativityOne, which operates on Microsoft's Azure Cloud. This is the same trusted cloud technology that is relied upon by the majority of our clients, and their clients too, providing the highest level of security for your clients' data.

By choosing a vendor with rigorous standards and practices, your clients will see that their data security is of utmost importance, providing them with peace of mind and providing your firm their trust.

Data Security Delay

When a delay occurs in the discovery process, it can lead to substantial financial consequences for all parties involved, particularly when it stems from a data security issue. Law firms consistently strive to meet their clients' expectations regarding costs, security, and timeframes. Consequently, it becomes crucial for vendors to play a role in facilitating these objectives and making the law firms' job easier.

Over the past few years, there have been instances where numerous eDiscovery providers experienced security breaches, resulting in the suspension of their operations for prolonged periods. One of the most recent incidents involved a security blunder that lasted for more than two weeks. In situations where time is critical and deadlines must be met, being deprived of access to your client's data for hours, days, or even weeks is unacceptable.

End-to-End Security

Our Accelerator program ensures you and your client’s access to the highest security in the industry. From collection to production, our secure ecosystem gives you and your clients one less thing to worry about.

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