Take Ownership of Your Data and Process

March 2023 | Accelerator Tips

We finally started dating, we took a chance on one another and have a few projects under our belts as partners. Now we want to grow that relationship, it’s time to have the next steps conversation, “How are you going to take control of your data?"

Growing into Accelerator

At this point in your eDiscovery journey, you’ve learned the RelativityOne tool and some of the workflow processes. Now, the next step means really taking ownership over your data, keeping it in one secure location and controlling it from collection to processing to production.

With Accelerator we can help you develop your firm’s workflow to manage across multiple clients, or as a corporation help you build out a consistent workflow for your data across multiple firms. Regardless of whether you’re corporate or firm based, the goal is all the same, to streamline the process and find the best standardized workflow that benefits you and your clients. With this in place you no longer need to start from scratch on every project or rely on different vendors.

The Next Step of Data Management

So, what does owning the process look like in practice? Well, it can mean having 5 projects with one client and utilizing data re-use to save them money, or it can involve using an ECA repository for high litigant custodians. Litigation Support teams can use Relativity to process their client’s data, run searches, set up analytics, and produce data, removing the need to pay a service provider to do it for you.

However, one of the biggest benefits affects our corporate clients. As a corporation you sometimes have upwards of 12-15 firms working under you who then each have their own preferred vendors…meaning your data is in a minimum of 20 different locations. Centralizing your sensitive data and standardizing your process is a HUGE benefit of Accelerator, and bonus when a project ends it’s a simple shutdown at only ONE location.

That is what owning your process looks like. It’s utilizing Relativity Legal Hold, Collect, Processing, Analytics, Review and Production to leverage your standardized workflows and keep the data and process in one location.

How to Navigate Taking Control

With Accelerator, firms and corporations alike can keep their RelativityOne environment as the home base for all their projects. This leads to better pricing and peace of mind when it comes to data security. Owning your data allows you to know it’s safe and easily accessible in the Microsoft Cloud, one of the most secure tools in the world. It’s controlling your costs with custom standardized workflows. It’s taking back complete control. Join us here at PLUSnxt and see how Accelerator will benefit you.

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