Where do you want to be in your eDiscovery process? Here’s how to get started...

February 2023 | Accelerator Tips

No matter the client we look to align with their goals and create a choreographed eDiscovery dance where everyone moves, grows, and wins together.

Maturing the Process

One of the most important questions we ask our clients: Where do you want to be in your eDiscovery process? We believe that no matter where our clients are in their eDiscovery lifecycle, there is always room to grow. The relationship between a service provider and their client should be one that promotes this growth, and we believe these conversations are the way to get there. Reactivity in this industry is a losing game, our goal at PLUS, and through our Accelerator program, is to be proactive in finding solutions for our clients and achieving success together.

Getting Started

Whether your team is just getting started with developing your eDiscovery workflow and program or you’re a seasoned professional, you can leverage Accelerator to help your organization go to the next level of eDiscovery management.

eDiscovery Newbies
If you’re new to eDiscovery, or Relativity, and need some extra guidance on how to get a project started, we can help you get comfortable with these tools and processes. We will provide you a RelativityOne Client Domain, but our project management team will do the heavy lifting by processing data, running searches, batching documents, etc. We’ll take a very transactional approach to get started and help you begin to feel comfortable leveraging the tools inside RelativityOne to best manage your projects.

From this point we start to learn where you need support and where you’re already comfortable. We’ll begin giving you more opportunity to take on new tasks within the platform and begin to build a training regimen based on the observations we make of your eDiscovery practices.

eDiscovery Veterans
If you’re already a seasoned Relativity user and want to join Accelerator to control your process, this is the perfect program. We will start off our relationship with a kickoff call to go over the Client Domain environment, templates, and workflows so you’ll be able to add projects into their environment at their own pace and usually without the help of PLUS. If there are preferred workflows, we can help integrate those into the new environment to help ease the transition process.

You know the tool, want to be self-sufficient, want to own your workflows, and want to own your environment. We’ll help get you there without the huge upfront and monthly costs. But like everyone else, there’s always room to grow. So, we touch base and create check-ins where we analyze their practices and utilize our expertise to suggest better practices and to ensure you are leveraging all the tools at their disposal.

True partnership will ALL clients

“It’s not about simply asking how things are going, it’s figuring out where things are now and where our clients want to them to be so we can work towards solutions. What do our clients need from this relationship in order to make solutions happen? Is it billing reports in a certain way? Monthly reports on users? Adjusting their templates? We need to have those in-depth conversations up front so that we know how to take our relationship to the next level and how we can help guide them to their goals.”  Chris Cameron, Director of Client Services

No matter where our clients start the goal is all the same, get them to where they want to be. By being transparent with our clients we better serve them at the start of their projects and work hand in hand to help them achieve their eDiscovery goals.

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