Catherine Pray, Director of Managed Review

Cat joins PLUSnxt with more than 10 years of experience in managed document review acting as a review attorney, team lead, manager, and director. She has supervised second requests, cases with millions of documents, and teams of 250+ attorneys. Cat is licensed to practice law in New York and Utah. Cat has worked extensively developing managed review workflows and the implementation of best practices and quality control. As a director, Cat realized her passion for building review centers and review teams, and focuses on implementing healthy and positive work environments for document review attorneys.

What led you to PLUSnxt?

As work and life evolved the opportunity came about unexpectedly. As I finished out my previous role building and expanding the review department. I found myself missing the flexibility, creativity and comradery of a boutique sized company. There is a level of nimbleness and client accommodation that seems to get lost as a company grows and I missed that. That’s where PLUS came into play, they were looking to expand their review offerings with the right foundation. They focus on client experience with the ability to pivot when needed with a technology forward mentality. I saw that PLUS is already moving toward the next step of the industry and that was exciting to me. There is a drive amongst the leadership team that inspired me. There is an agreed upon notion to change the industry by helping clients be the best they can be, after seeing that I was sold on PLUSnxt.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

My role requires me to straddle different parts of our business. As the Director of Managed Review, I oversee and manage review operations and make sure the review goes smoothly for the clients. However, within that role I also need to be sure that my team is getting what they need as well. I am involved in building my team up and making sure we are building their skillset. I work closely with the other subsets of PLUS too; the PMs to transition the project, data operations to ensure a smooth case, accounting to make sure the client is being invoiced correctly, and marketing to get out the message that we are looking to empower our team of reviewers and ultimately benefit our clients.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

I truly see PLUS becoming an industry leader because we aren’t afraid to put the technology or people first. Most companies within our industry are claiming these things but are not actually doing them. We are actually making a noticeable difference by investing ourselves in processes and the ability to use technology to help our clients be their best. This is the direction the industry is headed.

People want to have more control and knowledge in their litigation, and they should. They need to understand what is going on because in the end it’s the attorneys going into the courtroom, mediation, etc, not PLUS. Our partnership offers the support and independence attorney’s need to lead their case.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

I prefer to keep my relationships with clients open and transparent. I like to create relationships that go beyond the project. My clients count on me even after a project has wrapped, that dependability stems from the trust we build during the review process. The idea that we are on the same team is important for me.

Regarding our internal review team, we want likeminded people who are excited to connect to one another and work as a team, both virtually and in person. Flexibility is key for reviewers and when you touch a plethora of different types of cases, comradery and support becomes necessary, especially if you’re having an off day. Questions are going to arise, and it means a lot to a reviewer when they have trusted teammates they can turn to for support.

What do you do for fun that LinkedIn doesn't tell us?

I love Bingo! Prior to COVID, that was something we did every Friday at the local bar, it was great getting together with the community and connecting with different types of people. I am also big on travel. Our goal is to go on a couple different trips a year and see different sites of the world and experience their culture. Lastly, I am an avid supporter of the arts. I teach dance, specifically for ballet and pointe, to advanced and pre-professional dancers.