Ethan Crooks, VP, Business Development

Ethan has unique background as an eDiscovery sales rep. In 2007 he started his career by practicing law at a boutique firm working as a litigator. This was followed by his work as an in-house counsel focused on compliance, investigation, and contract review. Craving a new experience Ethan made the leap into a director of sales role within the legal tech field. As his career progressed Ethan found himself looking for a more personal experience with his clients and looked to move to a company that could offer that intimacy, making PLUSnxt the perfect match.

What led you to PLUSnxt?

I was recruited by Tony and Gary and loved their vision on how to position PLUS in a crowded market. I liked the commitment to RelativityOne and their clear vision on what they believed the industry needed. Through customization, personalization, and a specific focus on client services they wanted to disrupt the industry. They built up the team with industry veterans and experts, which was very enticing to be a part of. I wanted to experience a more nimble and scalable approach to eDiscovery and PLUS was providing that.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

To drive growth with new and existing clients. I represent PLUS in the Midwest and beyond. I lean into the consultative role because of my background as a lawyer and I work to stay as close to my clients as possible throughout the process, adding value along the way.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

Honestly, the sky’s the limit! We are benefitting from the industry’s transition to the cloud and realizing the scalability of that approach is really the future. As a company, we are well positioned to take advantage of the scalability and capabilities of a cloud approach, especially with RelativityOne.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

I truly believe in transparency between myself and my clients. I believe it must be reciprocated in order for the relationship to be successful. I want to know what’s not working for my clients so we can improve their experience. I see myself as a part of their team and want them to utilize our expertise so we can win together.

What do you do for fun? What is something people couldn’t learn about you from your LinkedIn profile?

I have four kids ranging from ages 5-14, so my life revolves a lot around them. We love staying active as a family, boating in the summer and skiing in the winter. Personally, I enjoy playing basketball and golf in my free time. I also played saxophone all through my childhood and college and now get to enjoy that hobby with 2 of my children who also play! We live in a great neighborhood, so we socialize with our neighbors often, especially now that summer is approaching.