Sean Teeple, Senior Project Analyst

Sean has over 15 years’ experience and started where most did, scanning, copying, and printing during the paper days. After showing promise he was invited to start dabbling in eDiscovery just as paper was being phased out. From there Sean got his hands dirty as a data analyst and worked in everything from processing to investigations. This led to a technology management position where he started working in a more project management role. From there Sean worked as an analyst and ops specialist, working in a variety of different platforms, to then working in complex analytics where he works on the backend managing infrastructures. Starting from the ground up provided Sean with insight into the business and how the industry operates, which laid the foundation to the success he finds today with PLUSnxt as one of our Senior Project Analysts.

What led you to PLUSnxt?

This time last year I received a call from our Solutions Architect, Darren Bui, saying there was an opportunity at PLUSnxt. At the time, I was intrigued with the challenges of growing a company and the opportunity to flex my skills in finding solutions to those challenges. I love the work that I do so I find it enjoyable to be here. Because I love it, it doesn’t feel like work at all.  

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

My role is to find solutions for any problem that comes our way. Whether that problem is from a client, internally, or from the Relativity platform itself, my job is to make it all work as efficiently as possible. Most of these solutions are ad hoc, and though some can be utilized in the future, they are really meant to solve the specific problem at hand.  Occasionally, I will work on solutions that take a proactive approach as opposed to reactive and that sets us up for success in the future.  

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

I do see big things for PLUS. We are constantly working on how to improve the technology and the clients’ experience. We are headed in the right direction, and I like that direction. Being a part of the team and the solutions is exciting. We are continuing to shape our own identity and independence within the industry.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?
I am both internal facing and external facing with our clients and I focus heavily on being as responsive as possible to theirs needs and requests. From that interaction, I am there to consult our clients to determine what it is they want versus what it is they need. Because I am also in the platform getting my hands dirty, I am able to convey what shouldhappen with our clients with ease.

What do you do for fun? What is something people couldn’t learn about you from your LinkedIn profile?

I have tons of hobbies! I am a bit of a jack of all trades, and love getting my hands into EVERYTHING. I’ve worked on soaps, cut wine bottles, I make pens and bottles openers, photography, and graphic design. You name it and I can do it!