Earl Bentancourt, VP Corporate Accounts

Earl has over 25 years in the industry, starting out as site manager for a law firm straight out of college. He quickly moved over to the vendor side, providing off-site copying and litigation support services to law firms; the foundation of what discovery is today.  Earl owned and operated a couple successful businesses within the litigation support & eDiscovery space and watched as discovery went from paper to scan images, to ESI, to ESI of cloud services. Earl was an integral part in getting the company to where it is today, while his expertise helped create the foundation for PLUSnxt.

What led you to PLUSnxt?

I was one of the founders of EDDCloud, which was re-branded and reconfigured into what is now PLUSnxt. Teaming up with Tony Ramsey, our CEO who has had tremendous success in the industry, was a no-brainer for me.  His leadership, extensive reach, and ability to attract talent made it exciting for me to be involved in the early stages of PLUSnxt.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

My primary role is Business Development/Sales. I’m consistently reaching out to lawyers, in both the Corporate and Law firm environment; however, my role also bleeds into leadership and further developing PLUS as a whole. The exciting thing about PLUS is that everyone has a voice on how we can collectively take the business to the next level. My opinion, suggestions, and feedback matter. Having worked decades within the industry, which many of us have, our leadership team respects our input.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

I see us continuing to expand. We are fortunate to have already established our business on a national level, but this year moving into Canada shows that we are moving beyond that. Our team here at PLUS are forward thinking individuals who know how to deal with the issues of today, but are also learning how to solve the problems of tomorrow. Yes, we are tech forward, but our expertise and consultative support to our clients is what sets us apart.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

A client that truly understands that myself & PLUS has their best interest at heart.  I’ve found from experience that this is only attainable by providing a great service combined with trust, respect, and transparency. For example, just the other day my client wanted to get their data uploaded ASAP with only a few days left in the month. However, after going through the scoping call I suggested they wait till the first of the next month, avoiding an extra monthly fee. I want my clients to have such a phenomenal experience with PLUS, they continue to work with me & PLUS for all future matters.

What do you do for fun that LinkedIn doesn't tell us?

I absolutely love to golf. It is my go-to for me to unwind. I also try and keep up with my wife and her crazy 5AM workouts, staying active and fit is important to us both. We also spend a lot of our free time enjoying our 2 grandbabies and 5 grown children; one of whom is my son Elias, who has Cerebral Palsy. Being his father is a huge part of my identity. I am constantly working to be the best father possible to my son with special needs while trying to promote inclusivity and acceptance of him and his condition. I believe that starts with simple acknowledgement and a hello!