Richard Bottonari, Senior VP of Business Development

Rich joined our team with 25 years of experience in the litigation support space. Like most of our team, Rich started out during the “paper days” leading his team to sell services and consult with clients. As software was introduced into the litigation support industry, Rich was at the forefront, learning and selling technology related to data processing, document review and legal hold. With a fascination for technology, Rich continued to pursue his interest in data management within litigation, learning new ways to help and support his clients. With 15 years as a Relativity Certified Sales Professional (RCSP) and a background in working with corporate law departments, Rich is the perfect fit for the PLUSnxt team as we embrace technology and continue moving forward.  

What led you to PLUSnxt?

In previous positions I found myself constantly competing against Relativity, which was difficult to beat. As the industry standard people were familiar and comfortable with that product.  

So, when PLUS came into the mix as a Relativity partner I was intrigued; however, it was the Accelerator program that really sold me. Tony (Ramsey) and Gary (Bendel) explained that with Accelerator a law firm of any size had the ability to own their own Relativity instance through PLUS. I thought that was an innovative offering and I wanted this opportunity for my clients. It was an eye opener being able to offer clients Relativity with no minimums, overhead, or commitment. It was a way to build trust and confidence amongst my clients, so I knew this is where I wanted to be.  

The PLUS team offers autonomy for its employees and makes it easy to give clients what they want without bureaucracy. I also enjoy that I’m able to lean into selling to both law firms AND corporations. The leadership here is accessible any time I need their support, and there is an amazing “brain trust” here at PLUS.  I also enjoy not having geographical restrictions to where I can sell.  That allows me to really spread my wings and further my connections and sales opportunities across the country and internationally.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

My role is to bring in net new business, and that’s what excites me. I see myself as a consultant for my clients, seeing what would best benefit them. I like working with the operations team to find the best workflow for my clients, making adjustments and suggestions as needed. I use my background in sports to fuel my selling. I am competitive by nature and want to celebrate the wins alongside my clients.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

Since I’ve been here, I’ve already seen tremendous growth, not only in the company but in my own work as well. The team has done great in filling the needs and positions that arise which lead to new opportunities. It’s the first time I’ve been part of a growing company like this. We are building a PLUS family. As we grow and prosper, I would love for our foundation and core to stay the same: we build and support our clientele with the partnership of RelatvityOne.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

My sales strategy revolves around building trust amongst my clients. I believe the most important factor in building that trust is living up to my word. I’m sure not to make any empty promises and utilize the tools at my disposal to ensure my clients never feel forgotten. When my clients hit a speed bump, I do everything in my power to find them solutions, and when there’s a hard conversation to be had I speak from a place of honesty, sincerity and genuine care for the customer. Lastly, my fascination with technology allows me to stay up to date with what’s out there allowing me to pass that knowledge on to my clients.

What do you do for fun? What is something people couldn’t learn about you from your LinkedIn profile?

My favorite thing to do is coach. I’ve spent years coaching my daughter in soccer and lacrosse. Now as she is heads into college, I plan to pick it back up as a hobby. I also love to ski and try to stay active in sports and outdoors. I also cook a lot. I grew up with my mom being a trained chef; so eating, socializing over food, experiencing new restaurants and flavors excite me.