Jeff Marcketta, CFO & Founder

With more than 40 years of experience, 30 years of which was spent as a CEO, COO and CFO including at four Warburg Pincus portfolio companies, Jeff’s dynamic background lends PLUSnxt a diverse business perspective. Jeff’s career spans across many different industries, both domestic and international, private and public,making him a well-rounded leader as our CFO. His business and relationship values focused on providing the highest levels of client service demonstrate that he is an ideal choice in leading PLUSnxt as we break the mold on what positive client experience truly means.

What led you to the PLUSnxt team?

Joining the PLUSnxt team was a new experience for me and a compelling component in making that decision was the opportunity to join Tony Ramsey in another entrepreneurial venture. His reputation within the industry and his connection with the PLUSnxt founders made the move more alluring. I joined with great enthusiasm because I could see this industry actively evolving within the digital realm, creating abundant opportunity. This evolution was analogous to what I experienced first-hand at Panavision, Ascent Media and SDI Media Group in the production and post-production processes of the filmed entertainment industry as we went from the analogue film world to the digital realm. I also saw some similarities in the data management platforms, like Relativity, compared to a media asset management tool I invested in and helped to develop for the entertainment industry. And so, although I had no prior involvement within the eDiscovery industry, due to my prior experiences, my new partners, and the future prospects of PLUSnxt,  it felt like a perfect fit.

What is your role within PLUSnxt?

As one of the Managing Members my goal is to help position the company strategically for future development and growth. This business is well positioned and ripe to be further developed and evolve into an industry leader. I’m here to ensure that our various teams from the sales reps to project managers to operations have the necessary tools and resources to achieve our desired growth in addition to providing oversight to the business while being a sounding board for my partners.

Where do you see PLUSnxt going?

What excites me is seeing the reception in the marketplace after we moved to RelativityOne, the market leading tool. This enables us to attract quality clients and experienced and accomplished team members. We are pulling together a top-notch team of professionals with years of experience and knowledge to assist in propelling us forward.

From an analytical point of view, I want to make sure we have sufficient resources to continue investing in and growing our business. But the table has been set, and I am excited that we have such exceptional talent comprising our team - hats off to Gary Bendel, our COO, as he continues to successfully lead the company from an operational point of view.

What is your ideal relationship with clients?

I work to support multiple facets within our team, more specifically I focus on how I can assist our sales reps in getting what they need in order to do their jobs efficiently. Some of my attention is also focused on communications with clients in a friendly and collegial manner to ensure we have the financial resources necessary to continue investing in technology and people to provide the best possible client experience. Making our clients lives better each day is our priority and I do what I can to assist in that endeavor. Building a trusting relationship with the client through our sales reps is extremely important to me. The same applies to our PM’s and operations side.

What are some things you do for fun that LinkedIn doesn’t already tell us?

My primary hobby is, and has been for decades, international travel. I’ve lived in London and spent much of my time in Europe and Asia. I love experiencing all these different cultures. I’m of Italian heritage and connected with what has become my extended Italian family in Rome, where I’m sitting now, over 30 years ago. And although we are not of the same blood, they have adopted me and my son as their own. The connections I have made in multiple countries throughout the years have evolved into long standing personal relationships that are now multi-generational. This is my favorite part of what attracts me to traveling, the connections and relationships fostered across cultures throughout the years.

Stay tuned as we introduce the entire PLUSnxt Team and highlight their experience and expertise.